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Sir Francis Bacon said "knowledge is power" but in the International Commodity Trading Business knowledge 
is survival.

Without the proper procedures, rules and regulations a 
deal cannot possible close or even come close to 

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What Is The Truth

What Is Really The Truth

What Is The Truth. Have you ever been in this situation.  I have.   Just try and lie your way out of it.  Go ahead I dare you. Tell me what is the truth.


What Exactly is Evernote and 
What's All the Fuss About?

Evernote is a cloud-type software service that is meant
for organizing, creating and storing pieces of information. 
It can be a text,  a photo, a document, an audio file,
video, or just a webpage, Evernote will keeps all of your 
files stored up in the cloud through your very own personal 
Evernote account, which I like to call my digital filing 

 In other words, it’s a place besides your computer that 
you can use to store  all your stuff and it can be 
accessed from  ANY COMPUTER that has an internet 

The old method was to save the files to a USB flash drive 
and than transfer it to another machine, or email the files to 
yourself so you could open it on another computer. But 
that's not the case today. Evernote allows us to simply save 
a file on a cloud (remote server) so it can be accessed from 
anywhere using any computer, mobile devise, ipad, tablet 
and the internet.

If you’re still not quite understanding how this works and 
not sure if this tool is for you, here’s a breakdown of some 
of its functions, which may help you see a better picture for 
you in terms of how you may use it.

Notes are little pieces of information or files you keep in 
Evernote. Those notes or files could come in the form of
photo, a word document, or anything else.
Notebooks are like folders. You can keep a collection of 
notes or files in your notebooks. 

Are keywords to help you search and locate your many  notes. You simply enter a keyword tag in the tag 
section of your note for easy search and access.
If you allow Evernote to access your location, it will  geocode your notes possible for planning a trip. This will  be useful if  you travel a lot or need to attach certain photos  or documents to specific locations.

The Trunk is a curated collection of apps, products and  services available, along with some starter resources for  users new to Evernote. The trunk is
the place to go if you want  to know exactly how to use Evernote features correctly.

Web Clipper :
This is a really neat little tool. It’s basically a bookmarking  tool to help you save webpages or just a portion of a  webpage by letting it access your web browser data and  tab activity. Everything is connected to your Evernote  account and you can even browse through your own notes  with the web clipper.

Free Evernote vs Premium 

Free Evernote: 
   Monthly uploads of 60 MB per month
    Online notebooks only
    Text and handwritten recognition
    Others can view your notes and notebooks, but not 
     edit them
    Attach files such as PowerPoints and pdfs
Premium Evernote
- $5 monthly or $45 per year-
    Monthly uploads of 1GB per month
    Offline notebooks  
    Note history 
   Faster image recognition 
   Hide promotion
   Top priority support
   Allow others to edit your notes
   Larger files, bigger notes
   Single note size increased to 50MB
   Pin lock: iOS and Android users can add a lock
    for security
   PDF search: search through your scanned PDF

Try the free version first as this may be all you need. If you 
feel you need more then go ahead and jump to the premium.

SEO Rankings Tanking? Check For Bad Incoming Links

SEO Rankings

The experts tell us to rest easy and change nothing but that is this months advise. 
What is next month going tobring us from Google.  I'm not sure most of us can keep up
with check for bad incoming links or not.

Most of the time when Google releases an update to its algorithm that determines how
websites in its index get ranked for certain keyword searches, my advice to clients
is to rest easy and change nothing. My firm has never engaged in search engine spam 
techniques like churning out content that is full of keywords but meaningless to a human
being, or creating thousands of links from irrelevant and/or low quality websites. Our
focus has always been to create unique, engaging content, and focus on quality over quantity
when it comes to link building. Just the same, we were caught off-guard by some of the
changes Google made this year, culminating most recently with its Penguin 2.1 update that
rolled out earlier this month.

We were surprised earlier this year when the rankings for one of our clients started suffering.
At first I suspected some problems with our fulfillment process, and I eventually switched the
client to a new team with fresh eyes. In making that transition and engaging in a full audit, we discovered something we were already aware of, but hadn’t realized the import of earlier–the
client had a ton of bad incoming links, built by a firm they had used before engaging us, and
these bad links were doing damage to the client’s website’s rankings.

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Do Indoor Plants Really Clean the Air?

Indoor plants really do clean the air.  This has been a fact for many years.  The public has just not understood how this process works.

We knew about indoor plants cleaning the air at least as far back as the late 60's, maybe the early 70's, but is worth revisiting. My spider plants' lineage go back to '72.
Sure, that potted fern is pretty, but can it really spruce up the air quality in your home? Studies by scientists at NASA, Pennsylvania State University, the University of Georgia and other respected institutions suggest that it can.

Plants are notoriously adept at absorbing gases through pores on the surface of their leaves. It's this skill that facilitates photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert light energy and carbon dioxide into chemical energy to fuel growth.

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Crowdfunding Tips
Don't be a Crowdfunder Wannabe

There are many reasons a crowdfunder wannabe delays or does not want to launch a campaign.

The most common is they just don't know where to start. They have no plan and know nothing
about the process of a crowdfunding campaign.  They don't know how to validate their project
or to market their project.  They feel their budget is not big enough to support their campaign
and is afraid to risk what little budge they have on failure.

Then there is the crowdfunder who just jumps right in with no training, knowledge or thought what so ever.  And of course they not only do not reach their goal, they just completely fail.

Well for all you crowdfunding wannabes here are some great tips to get you started and to get
you past that fear. Take the first step and see it's not really all that hard.

Tip #1
People support projects because they want to be a part of making an idea happen.
In many ways, regular updates and thank you/s are just as valuable as tangible
rewards. Send personal emails. Create a backers-only page with special outtakes,
photos, and updates just for them. Show them you care, and the goodwill will go far.

Tip #2
Don't make the mistake of having too many rewards or too complicated structure. 

Tip # 3

(Every form of external communication falls under marketing.)
Fundraising happens right at the very beginning of preparing your project.
You may not have developed a compelling, complete visual 30 second elevator
pitch, but give attention to your communication consistency when verbally

Tip #4
Remember you can have the perfect crowdfunding campaign but if no one sees you
what good is it? You must have a good marketing plan.  So make sure you download
 "Creating a Visual Plan for Crowd Funding".  This will help you with your marketing.

Tip #5
Here is a good place to do some pre-launching. and  They will showcase any platform campaign.
They suggest you soft launch it before you crowdfund it.  And I agree. Get
validation first. 

Tip #6
You are going to need a contact form for your campaign blog. If you don't have an
auto-responder, this form is free and works really well.

Tip #7
Do not crowdfund a service directly.  Even though the out come is a service, you
need to crowdfund for something tangible, like equipment or supplies for the
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Using Crowdfunding

Using Crowdfunding for Projects or Business

June Hollister is a largo -based marketing expert who teaches small-business owners to make a crowfunding pitch on portals such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and RockthePost.

Recently, Hollister gave a presentation to members of the Sarasota Internet Mastermind Group about how they can use crowdfunding to finance a cause, launch or grow a small businesses or finance a specific project, such as publishing a book or producing a film.

Hollister calls herself an "infopreneur" because her business provides information, such as in her "Boot Camp," a workshop that teaches the ways to develop a crowdfunding marketing plan.

"Your marketing plan will clarify where your campaign can or cannot go and what the future holds for your chosen cause/project," she says. To start a crowdfunding campaign, Hollister advises her clients to "start with the end in mind." She says to think about the public, called the "crowd," who will be making small donations for you to reach your goal. Focus on your crowdfunding campaign benefiting others.

"Without a great benefit for the public, you will not reach your destination," Hollister says.
Your marketing plan starts with a 30-second "elevator" pitch, she says. It should include an "irresistible offer" and a reason why the donor should believe you.
"Focus on how their donation will affect the cause and how they will benefit from their donation," she says.

Create a mission.
Disney's mission is to provide the finest in entertainment for people of all ages everywhere.  And he did. Apple's mission is to produce high quality, low cost, easy to use product.  And they did.

June Hollister's mission is to create the most knowledgeable crowdfunding boot camp by providing all needed training and an easy to follow process to a successful crowdfunding campaign. And she did. You can learn more about donation crowdfunding and Hollister's training at

Meet the Massachusetts Crowdfunding Police

Meet the Massachusetts Crowdfunding Police

Crowdfunding Police! We all knew there would be some kind of watch dog to make sure
the crowd funders would stay within the written rules.  I'm curious to see how far they go
to enforce these rules they have written.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission voted to lift 80-year-old
restrictions on how hedge funds, venture capital firms, and other privately held companies
can promote themselves to potential investors. The rule, which arose from the JOBS Act,
won’t take effect until September, leaving plenty of time for investors and startups to start
positioning themselves to take advantage of the ruling.

Also preparing for changes: Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin,
who announced this week that his office is forming a new unit to police
general solicitations and crowdfunding offerings.

The outcome of this is going to be with watchful eyes.
The statement "general solicitations and crowdfunding offerings" sound almost a little
under handed.

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Meet the Massachusetts Crowdfunding Police

Crowd Fund Forum

Advice has been offered on how to successfully crowd fund to audiences in
seminars, classes and to students in boot camp training. Although I don't 
think there's any one crowd fund formula that is tailored for everyone,
I do have advice about what has worked well for so many in the past. 

In order for everyone to share in experiences and receive training
material to help with their future campaigns I have started a FREE crowd
funding forum called 'My Crowd Funding Community'
The purpose of the forum is for people to:
  • -get advice,
  • -give advice,
  • -ask questions
  • -answer questions
  • -and share their crowd funding experiences and ideas
The forum is free and the members will be able to pre-launch and list
their crowd funding campaigns and their online blogs and business
websites within the forum.

I will be posting a free mini training course on crowd funding for
members only.  Guest and visitors will not have access to the course.
I will also be adding some campaign marketing tutorial videos to
the forum and other videos on crowd funding training. All FREE
People can now ask questions through the forum and all members
will benefit from the answers to help with their crowd funding training
and campaigns
Join up, leave your signature and help spread the word
on how this free forum can help many to start, build and maintain their
crowd funding campaign. 

Crowd Funding Boot Camp

Crowd Funding boot camp seems to be the way to go these day as far as raising money.
Crowd Funding is the most effect method of raising fund for your needs.  Examining all the other options, crowd funding is the only sensible course of action.

-> Access to needed funds “Quickly

-> With no investment

-> It can bring you thousands of dollars

-> With a platform called Indiegogo. com
  • Crowd Funding is for anyone anywhere who needs capital 
  • To succeed with a crowd funding campaign
  • The difference between Crowd Funding & Crowd Sourcing & how both can be of great value to you
Crowd funding is still just an infant and you are getting in on the ground floor.

One Million Characters

One Million Characters wall is a great way to network.  The wall is free up to 50 blocks so get in there while you can.  There's a fee after the first 50 blocks.

 One Million Characters are free

Chiropractor Fights Health Care

News Article: June Hollister/March 23, 2013

Chiropractor Fights Against The High Cost of Health Care
By Making Every Adjustment Only $20!

Dr. Walters of New Port Richey, Florida believes that health care should be affordable for everyone. He states, “in his office there will be” 
·         No fine print 
·         No surprises     
The cost of only $20.00 per visit                    ·       
Pressure on delicate nerves can cause all sorts of problems, including migraine headaches to sciatic pain; from neck and back pain as well as arm and shoulder pain.
Dr. Walters says, “The answer is simple”…ease the pressure off the nerve and watch the pain go away. 
On the first visit there’s an interview to determine if you are a good candidate for the care Dr. Walters provide, followed by an exam.  This is done to ensure safety and give Dr. Walters something by which to judge improvement.  Then you get your first adjustment to remove any nerve pressure.
After the adjustment, Dr. Walters Administers the Cranial Release.  According to Dr. Walters and many other chiropractors, this technique profoundly addresses the neglected 80% part of the nervous system, offering tremendous relief, often from the very first session!
Dr. Walters' father was also a chiropractor, and he had a little sign in his office that said, “Chiropractic first, Drugs second, and Surgery last!”  
Call for your appointment today (727) 807-7896

Crowd Funding

 Crowd Funding

Capital is no longer just a distant dream!!!

It just can't get any better than this!  Crowd Funding Workshop
When you have an idea and people actually donate, it means your idea is really worth something.

Watch the video below to find out how it works and what it's all about.

It's true funding your cause or projects is your main goal of your Crowd Funding campaign, 
but gaining money is not your only benefit. Crowd Funding extends far beyond just capital.

  • grows your audience awareness
  • press coverage
  • generates social status
  • interested followers
  • page one Google search results
Just to mention a few.

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An App that Overshares on Facebook

I know this has been talked about many times but I think it's
worth bring up again.

EyeEm is a free app that,  like Instagram, which is owned by
Facebook, offers photo filters and will let you follow favorite
photographer and look at shots from all over the world.

You can very easily set up an account with EyeEm through Facebook 
and remember Facebook owns Instagram.

So you ask what is the problem here?  It appears that when
you set your account up through Facebook, EyeEm automatically
shares the photos you take and it also shares the photos you
have viewed. 

Let me put this another way.  It lets other people see what photos
you have been viewing.

Lets say you viewed something inappropriate for your children to see
and you thought was your private viewing and find out later everything
you viewed was exposed to your friends, spouse and children on
Facebook through EyeEm.

This is a small problem but fear not there is a solution.

I'm not saying EyeEm is a bad app I'm saying to sign up through a
email address and not Facebook.  This way you can avoid sharing
unintentional and (inappropriate photo on Instagram) views with

Once you have joined, go into your privacy settings and make doubly
sure you have your privacy set to the level you want.

7 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Before Facebook Gets Hacked

7 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Before Facebook Gets Hacked may not be sufficient for the
protection we think we need and want. 

Ways to Protect Your Privacy Before Facebook Gets Hacked has, and will continue
to be a major problem in the world in which we live. These steps are necessary steps
that only you can preform. 

We're coming up on three years since Mark Zuckerberg famously announced, "The
age of privacy is over." Some of us, however, still value our privacy. The nonstop
Facebook information grabs of late, coupled with recent high-profile security breaches,
point to the inevitable: a catastrophic breach at Facebook. When that happens, the most
concentrated dossier about you, including all your personally
identifiable information, will be in the wrong hands.

Facebook's bet has always been that you are willing to sacrifice your privacy if it makes
 it easy for you stay up to date with friends and family, and of course see the latest beach
 photos of your prom date from 1974. And, fat jokes aside, that's where I begin to care a lot.

The final say goes to you, but Ways to Protect Your Privacy Before Facebook Gets
Hacked is not always that much of a challenge as demonstrated in the video.

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