8 tools of highly effective techies

What 8 apps do all techies use?        

8 tools of highly effective techies
We live in a digital age of frequent distractions, with the number of mobile devices, social media websites and gadgets competing for our attention steadily increasing.

It can be easy to get lost in a sea of open browser tabs, emails, tweets, text messages and wearables. But some of the world’s more tech-savvy individuals, who are generally more plugged in and connected than most, somehow manage to take it all in stride.

How do they do it? By augmenting their lives with a few tools and life hacks that seem to make all the difference. Here are eight of the most popular apps we could find that are used by the multitasking elite.

1. RescueTime: Managing your time starts with understanding how you spend it in the first place. RescueTime tracks how much time you spend on certain activities or websites and provides you with a detailed report. From there, you can block certain websites for a set amount of time or how often you’d like to receive alerts.

2. Focus Lock: But after you’ve blocked a few sites on your desktop computer, having a mobile device by your side is still tempting. Android users can set a timer to block access to certain apps with Focus Lock.

3. 1Password: We may not realize how much time we spend entering passwords into websites online. 1Password streamlines this process by allowing you to store all kinds of information, including your website logins, bank accounts, passports, wills and investments. Then when you go to login at a website, 1Password autofills the username and password for you and enhances the security of your accounts through Advanced Encryption Service-256 technology.

4. Evernote: Evernote serves multiple purposes, but foremost the digital notepad allows you to keep track of your multimedia in one place. It can sync notes, to-do lists, photos, video clips and audio recordings across all of your devices.

5. Any.do: The to-do list has been a cherished tool for generations of time-management aficionados, and the 21st-century versions are the best yet. Any.do’s simple platform makes it a great app for task lists, calendar reminders and more.

6. Pocket: One of the biggest time sinks comes from the sheer number of articles and videos we encounter online. Rather than fall into a black hole of YouTube videos or BuzzFeed articles during work hours, save the links in one place for later with Pocket. One feature of the platform allows users to save links directly from their browsers or from apps such as Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite.

7. GroupMe: If you stay in touch with colleagues through text messages, then GroupMe is the app for you, primarily because it allows users to send messages, photos and other multimedia to multiple people at a time.

8. Uber: Finally, no list of time-saving tools would be complete without Uber, the ride-sharing app that Bay Area techies have installed on their phones since the service launched and is now available in many cities. Just open the app, request a driver, and someone will be there in a few minutes to take you where you need to go. There’s no need for you to pull out your wallet to pay — the app charges the credit card you have stored. You’ll never have to hunt for a cab again to get to your next business meeting.

I live in the state of Florida so app number 8 would not be of much value to me but I would say a New Yorker would be in their glories.

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Coping With The Discomforts of Chemo And Depression

Yes I am a victim of breast cancer

Over 75% of our population is being treated for cancer.

I write this blog for my wonderful family and friends who have supported me through this unfortunate happening. And to let others know that it is really not that bad if you do everything right.  Everything is a discomfort but it is very short lived.

So here is my story, images and happening of having breast cancer.

On July 11, 2014 I had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the biopsy I went to the surgeon for the prognoses and he said, "June I'm sorry to say it is cancer and you need to have a mastectomy." I said, "NOOOOO."

He said to me, "June I am trying to save your life."   After those words all I heard from him was, "blah blah blah blah."

I started thinking, "Oh my God how long do I have to live.  I'm not ready to die.  I have too many things I need to do.  I need to see my granddaughter grow up and get married. This can't be happening." 

Then I heard the Doctor say, "June do you understand."  I said yes, but understood nothing except I was going to die.  Fortunately for me I had my wonderful daughter at the surgeons office with me who is an RN and she explained to me everything that was going to take place and reassured me that my chance of survival was almost 100%.  But of course I hadn't had the surgery yet so how do we know how far it spread. So I was still a little skeptical.  

So surgery took place, and here is the image after 4 weeks of healing. Not quite healed yet but coming along nicely.

 Double Mastectomy

My Chemo treatments were next and the first one was not really that bad but I did have some nausea and I would just pop a nausea pill and poof that was gone. 

Next, I have to give myself an injection shot for 7 days to build back up my white cells as the chemo destroys your cells.  Well it doesn't hurt to lose the cells but getting them back brings a lot of pain in your legs, especially if you have some arthritis which I do, and a lot of pressure on the chest.  I just had to make sure I manage the pain with my pain killers and stay ahead of the pain and not wait until the pain put me down.  Again the pain is very short lived.

One thing I did find that is not short lived was being tired and sluggish all the time.
Maybe it was all the drugs I was taking.

That's OK and another benefit is that I got a lot of sleep through those harder days.  

Two weeks after my first chemo I lost my hair. There is a benefit to this; it grows back thicker and more beautiful.

My sweet niece Michele bought me some cute caps because my head was cold at night when I was sleeping and I could go out and not be stared at.

Here I am in my hospital bed waiting for my 4 hour chemo treatment showing off my new cap.

Well the caps work OK but I thought let's go big time and get a wig. This wig is amazing.  You can wear it back off your face and it appears like the hair is growing out of your scalp.

Look at the hairline below.  You would never know that this is a wig plus it is so light weight that you don't even know you are wearing it.  My darling brother who drives me back & forth to my doctors office thought it was amazing how you could not see the cap at all. 

Another benefit I forgot to mention, I always wanted a bust reduction but next time when I wish I will be a little more specific with details. And I wanted to lose weight and I did.  From a size 14 to a size 10.  Another super great benefit.

Now I can get back into that Liz Claiborne dress that has been hanging in my closet for so long.

There is no need for anyone to be depressed through something like this.  There are so many things to be thankful and grateful for. My friends have been so supportive with their emails and kind words and I could never be closer to my family. My wonderful daughter, who I love so very much. I could not have had a better support system then her.

My caring son-in-law who just took over all my personal and business responsibilities and my darling granddaughter who would tell me every day how much she loves and misses me.

My only responsibility is to work on getting well. 

One person I want to mention who is the best care giver in the world and has been so attentive and loving is my niece Marlene.  She just can't do enough to make me comfortable and happy.  She is a gourmet cook and I am eating like a queen.  I wonder how is it I am so blessed having her.  My brother really produced a great daughter when he had her. 

This cancer misfortune is really nothing but a major inconvenience, but it has given me an absolute new outlook on life and I go to bed every night with a feeling of happiness being blessed with everything I have that I didn't realize I had before.

This will soon be over and I will return back to a normal life that has been enhanced with happiness and joy for a second chance at being a better person and appreciating all that life has given me.  I no longer dwell on what I don't have, I now cherish what I do have.  This keeps me so happy and content every day.

When tragedy strikes, confusion, fear, sorrow, rage, and despair sets in and we have the right to experience these feelings.  But as time went on I realize that emotional stress was just another pain I was inflicting upon myself.  

I hope my little story will help others through their cancer treatment. Honestly, there really are benefits to every misfortune, just look for them.  This will take you out of your depression and give you a sense of contentment and happiness.  

Another Day Coping With Breast Cancer

So many of my friends have said they thought I was courageous for sharing all my pics and story with everyone, but honestly, I don't feel that way.  I was once vain but that has also passed and sharing to help others is another benefit.  It makes me feel good that my little story just may help someone else who is also battling cancer.

Well this is the second day in from my 2nd chemo treatment and I have to start my shots.  These shots do not hurt as long as you have a little fat on your belly to insert the needle.  And of course I have some tummy fat.  I do hope I can work that off. But with all these gourmet dinners my niece Marlene cooks this tummy fat might be a harder battle than my cancer.

I'm still feeling pretty good but things really don't start until 24hrs after your chemo treatment so later today or tonight is when I will start with the body changes.  Again I want to say keeping up with your Meds and managing that pain makes your life so much easier and of course you need to keep all depressive thoughts out of your head.

Wednesday 2 pm and time for my injection. Here is a pic of all the stuff I need for my injection.

 Remember just find that belly fat and no pain. 

Weds. 5:30 pm  Still feeling good although the throat was starting to bother me and of course I just popped a pain killer and poof pain all gone. 

In  24hrs things will change. My niece is barbequing steak tonight and  I am  well enough to eat it.  She is great at barbequing too.  Can't wait for her to get home from work. I'm panting like a dog.

 She home hooray, and here is my before and after dinner.
You can see I'm going to be eating steak for 3 more meals.  It was so yummy.  A meal for a King. And of course all through the night I ate watermelon as my medication make me dehydrated.   Wow I am just so blessed with such wonderful  family.